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Mad Max

Product Code: Mad Max
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Mad Max

Product Description



The video game will allow players to step into not only the boots of the Road Warrior himself, but the Wasteland and its few iconic locations: Gas Road (a densely populated urban area), The Great White (a dried out sea-bed scattered with rusted ships) and Dead Barren’s Pass (a link to the two previous areas). Since it’s drawing its inspiration from the original film series, the events of the game will all take place before the events of Fury Road.


Even so, there’s only so much you can change the character of ‘Mad Max’ – meaning the game protagonist will endure similar fight-to-the-death struggles (and massive explosions) as Max Rockatansky (Hardy) in the film. However, while Fury Road teams Max with the mysterious Imperator Furiosa (Charlize Theron), the game version will team up with a character right at home in the world of Thunderdome: Chumbucket, an “idiot savant sidekick” who happens to be an extremely skilled mechanic.


Together, the two take control of a new, heavily customizable vehicle known as the “Magnum Opus.” The main villain of the game is Scrotus, while Fury Road will introduce Immortan Joe (Hugh Keays-Byrne) to the established universe. Cementing just how much one new take on Max will be returning to its roots as the other writes a new chapter, the trailer above also features the Thunderdome, the famous caged arena from the third Mad Max film (though it’s unclear what role it will play in the game).

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