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Get Tyre-Sealant Installed and keep your Car Tyres Safe ( SUVs )

Product Code: Tyre Sealant
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Get Tyre-Sealant Installed and keep your Car Tyres Safe ( SUVs )


SEAL is a water soluble tyre sealant which when installed in a tyre will give full protection against air loss for the entire legal life of a tyre and will eradicate the following:

Tread punctures, bead leaks, rim leaks, porosity, tubeless tyre or wheel-related leaks.

SEAL seals punctures as they occur; it eliminates under-inflation by sealing all leaks, Optimizes fuel economy

SEAL has a revolutionary water based formula that enables the product to remain fluid at all times, thus enabling the product to immediately seal a puncture wound made by a puncturing object up to 6mm diameter in a car (in the tread area of the tyre), without loss of air pressure. As a result SEAL gives the advantage of longer tyre life together with lower downtime and maintenance costs.

When installed, It coats and clings to the inner wall of the tyre and wheel. SEAL is water-soluble and leaves no residue when rinsed out of a tyre or washed off any surface with water. SEAL is non-flammable, non-toxic and not a hydrocarbon.

SEAL is injected through the valve and remains liquid inside the tyre for the entire life of the tyre. By coating the entire inner surface of the tyre and wheel, SEAL conditions the casing, seals porosity, seals leaks and protects against most blow outs and air loss from punctures.  

DOES SEAL CAUSE IMBALANCE? No! SEAL cannot create an imbalance situation. If the tyre & rim are properly balanced prior to installation and provided the tyre does not go “out of round”.

Here are the benefits of Seal:

(1)  Seal increases driving economy by extending tyre life (2) Improves fuel millage and saves you money!! (3) Permanently Seals Leaks (4) Eliminates Under-inflation (5) Eliminates slow leaks (6) Protects against tread separation (7) Cuts down need to constantly check tyres (8) Maintains the Right Air Pressure (9) Improves safety and economy (10) Improves fleet dependability(11) Reduces Tyre Wear (12) Reduces need for backup vehicles )(13) Saves manpower (14) Guards Against Punctures, Flats and Blow outs (15) Operates over any terrain (16) Effective at high speeds (17) Improves Safety (18) Reliable for Entire Tread Life of Tyres (19) Protects Tyre Casing and Keeps it Supple (20) Provides All-Weather Protection as Operates from -40 F to 300 F (21) Does not damage your tyre compounds (22)Won’t freeze or evaporate inside tyre (23)Protects steel belts, wheels and rims (24)Helps eliminate tread separation (25) Fully compatible with Tyre Components.

Why use SEAL?

(1)Safety- One punctured tyre on the road exposes you and everyone around you to danger. Consider the safety of your spouse, children and family members, especially at those vulnerable times and spots.

(2)Peace of mind- many things make you anxious but with SEAL in your tyres, your mind is at rest that tyre punctures would not be one.

(3) Prevent road accidents- a tyre blow out can result in fatal accidents on the road, to you and other road users. SEAL prevents tyre blow outs.

(4) Save time- with SEAL in your tyres, time isn't wasted attending to flat tyres.

(5) Increase productivity- gets to your appointments in time; avoid waiting for drivers who have gone to vulcanisers.

(6)Improve service delivery- as a business; significantly improve the prospect of being able to deliver on time to your clients.

(7)Avoid the stress, & embarrassment- you can do away with the associated stress and embarrassment with having tyre punctures- road traffic officials, social miscreants/ ‘area boys’, hoodlums, armed robbers.

HOW LONG WILL SEAL LAST ONCE INSTALLED? SEAL warrants for the legal tread life of the tyre. SEAL does not cease to function or break down over time.

IS SEAL COST EFFECTIVE? Yes! SEAL will cut annual tyre repair and maintenance costs, service calls and downtime losses by an average in excess of 75%. Saving most fleet companies approximately 20% to 25% from their annual tyre and reduces fuel costs.

Seal comes with a full factory warranty

Valve covers which gauge the tyre and allow you to know when inflation is necessary are also available.

Tested and road proven by Shell Research Laboratories.

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