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C-Links 30000mAh External Mobile Power Bank- White

Product Code: C-Links 30000mAh External Mobile Power Bank
Availability: In Stock

C-Links 30000mAh External Mobile Power Bank- White

Key Features

  • 30,000mAh
  • Efficient, portable & convenient
  • Output: 5V-1A & 5V-2A
  • Input: 5V-1A
  • Multiple full charges
  • Double usb output.
  • Long operating time
  • Fast charge



The C-Links 30000mAh External Mobile Power Bank- White is a power bank that has USB ports to allow multiple charging. It has a battery capacity of 30000mAh. It is lightweight and can be used to charge any USB enable mobile phone. It is a portable device/battery charger that will help you charge your mobile devices whether you are close to a socket. You can charge your devices anywhere you are without the aid of electricity. It can be carried everywhere you go, you can charge your phone in your pocket. The power bank is made from durable materials which you can trust would last for a very long time.


The C-Links 30000mAh External Mobile Power Bank- White has come to stay as you do not have to experience any disappointment using your phone or missing appointments because your phone has a low battery. You can now enjoy extended call time, play games, listen to music, surf the net, watch videos because there is a reliable power bank that can boost the drained battery. It is time to enjoy extended call time, watch videos, play games on your phones, surf the internet and more because you now have a reliable power bank as a backup. This is the best mobile accessory for people who use their phones often and would want to stay connected.


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