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NeoJDX Genoa Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

Product Code: NeoJDX Genoa
Availability: In Stock

NeoJDX Genoa Wireless Bluetooth Headphones


So much more than headphones.

Genoa combines Bluetooth wireless capability, an FM radio, MP3 player, and a built-in microphone in one easy to use headphone package. It’s Bluetooth 2.1+EDP as well as A2DP (technical blah, blah blah!) allows music sound rich, smooth and undistorted. Catch the morning news while jogging never again misses that important call because the headphones are on as genoa interrupts your music to alert you to a call and resumes the music once the call is over. Pop in an SD card of up to a whopping 32GB and listen to your collections that have not been saved on to your device ( geek speak for phones, iPads, iPods e.t.c, e.t.c). 

12 hours of battery life

High-efficiency rechargeable batteries keep you connected for 12 hours or on standby for 120hours (whoops!!). Power saving features, shut down headphones when not used for 5 minutes. Batteries can be recharged from any USB charging port such as a charger or a laptop. When the headphones run out of juice, included cables enable you to continue to enjoy music via wired.

Allows you connect to any device

Genoa allows you pair with any Bluetooth device as long as they are within 30 feet. Aux cables allow you connect to devices without Bluetooth. You can playback from the connected device ( techie for phones, tablets, iPod e.t.c, e.t.c) as a remote or you can use the controls on the earbuds to choose music, pause, forward and rewind, heck! you can even manage your phone calls from here!!

Eye Candy in Three Flavours!!

We understand you no longer want to live your life in monochrome so get a headphone that matches your style and expresses you. Beautiful and lovingly crafted in modern soft leather, rich plastics, and stainless steel, Genoa would last you for years. We are so sure of what we have crafted that if it breaks within 12 months, send it back and get a new one.


Genoa comes standard with a carrying case so you can express your cool while protecting your investment. A USB charging cable, Aux cable to connect to devices requiring charging all come in the box.

N: B we're doing a giveaway on these headsets because they're beginning to peel around the ears, courtesy the heat

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