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Product Code: Plain Eyeglass Camera
Availability: In Stock



Spy camera sunglasses record video from your point of view in total secret

Records in high definition 720p video

Realistic frame is made of high quality materials; nothing will stand out to give it away

Incredibly thin and lightweight design

Comes in assorted style

Don't miss a thing with these covert spy camera glasses!

When you see an ordinary pair of glasses recording someone in a spy movie you probably think "This can't possibly be real!" But the truth is body worn cameras have been out for decades now and their design has been perfected. That's why we were able to take a pair of normal looking eyeglasses and attach a hidden high definition spy camera along with a TF Slot of DVR space! With their ultra-thin design nobody will think they're anything but everyday eyeglasses! These are the perfect spy tool to go undercover and find out the truth!


Who can you really trust? The Spy Glasses Hidden Camera Eyeglasses will make it clear!

Sometimes you don't know who to trust. You want to be able to trust your friends and family, you want to trust your coworkers, but the truth is you can't always believe people you no matter how much you want to. If someone is acting suspicious, chances are they're hiding something from you. Sometimes the only way to find out the truth is to take matters into your own hands. These incredibly high tech spy glasses can record what you see, the perfect tool for getting evidence for court. It's the best way to conduct your own private investigation!

Nobody will suspect a thing!

Maybe you don't need to uncover evidence, maybe you just want to make sure you never forget a moment of the family vacation - either way, you'll be getting crisp, clear video from your own point of view! These glasses won't look out of place; everything is built compact using quality parts that are virtually indistinguishable from ordinary eyeglasses. No thick shiny plastic frames that attract attention. There is a tiny indicator light built in the inside of your glasses where your  ear is that will flash when it's recording. But as long as you're wearing the glasses, nobody will notice! When the secret service needs ultra-covertness, this is what they use. Make spy fiction a reality for you, and buy the Spy Glasses Hidden Camera Eyeglasses, for sale right now!


With the Spy Glasses Hidden Camera Eyeglasses, you can:

Covertly record quality surveillance video of everyone around you

Keep a video log of your vacation - from your point of view

Be ready to capture hands-free video at all times

Launch your own private investigation

The Spy Glasses Hidden Camera Eyeglasses includes:

Realistic Glasses Spy Camera w/ Built-In DVR

Product Features:

720p Video

Concealed Camera

Realistic frames

Slim, lightweight design

Easy operation

Product Specs:

Battery Lithium 3.7V

Battery Life 1.5 hours

Camera Sensor 2 MP CMOS

Flash Memory  TF Slot

FOV 65 degrees


USB 2.0

Video MPEG

1280x720 @ 30FPS

Continuous or Motion Recording

File Format AVI

Lux 1.4

Photo Resolution 1600x1200

Product Includes:

USB Cable

Cleaning Cloth

Glasses Case

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